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Easily one of the best home brewers that offers a great cup as well as being a timeless addition to any household.

Here's our guide on how we brew through a Moccamaster;

Equipment List
Water (We prefer to use Tesco's Ashbeck Water)
Fresh Ground Coffee
Moccamaster Size 4 Filter Papers
Scales or the Moccamaster Scoop

Step One
The first step is to weigh out the amount of coffee you'd need depending on the size of brew you're making. For this, we use a Coffee:Water ratio to help scale up or down depending on the size of brew.
Our ratio is 1:17. So for every 1g of coffee, we use 17g of water.

For ease, you will see our recommended dosage below for each water fill line.
72g : 1 1/4 Fill Line
60g : 1/1 Fill Line
45g : 3/4 Fill Line
30g : 1/2 Fill Line
15g : 1/4 Fill Line
If you don't have a set of scales to hand, the scoop that comes with the Moccamaster is roughly 12g. If you heap it, the weight will be roughly 15g and just scoop in for the desired dose.
Step Two
Grind your coffee.

Preferably, we would always recommend that you grind your coffee just before brewing. If you don't have access to a grinder, getting your local coffee shop to grind it for you is just as good. Just make sure that you use it within a week of grinding & it's stored in an airtight container.

We would recommend a coarse grind. If getting coffee ground in GM, just ask for Moccamaster grind and we can get that done for you. 

Step Three
Place your filter paper in the basket. We always recommend pre-wetting your filter paper, this helps remove any 'paper taste'. Once you've done this, place your weighed our coffee in the basket with the filter paper.

Step Four
Fill your Moccamaster with the desired amount of water.

Step Five
Position the carafe underneath, make sure the equipment is all attached correctly and then switch it on. After a few seconds, hot water should begin to gently disperse over the ground coffee bed.

Stir the grounds about a minute after brewing has started. This will ensure all the grounds as evenly saturated.

Step Six
After about 5 minutes, you should have your completed brew. Sit back and enjoy!
The spent grounds & the filter paper can be thrown in the food compost.

Extra Tips
If the brew tastes too watery, make your grind finer.
If water is overflowing from the basket during brewing, your grind needs to be coarser. The taste will be astringent and bitter.