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White Star Coffee - El Carmen, Colombia Espresso
White Star Coffee - El Carmen, Colombia Espresso

White Star Coffee - El Carmen, Colombia Espresso

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This coffee comes as whole bean as standard. If you would like it ground for a particular brewing method, please select this from the drop down menu above.

This now comes in the GM bag pictured.

Immersion - Cafetiere, Clever Dripper
Drip - V60, Kalita

El Carmen has been sourced and selected in collaboration with our coffee partners Whitestar Coffee. This coffee is part of the Red associations within Colombia that have set out to achieve stable & sustainable prices for community coffee lots through improved quality control, shared knowledge & a connection to the speciality coffee market. Our relationship has continued to grow with both companies as we all strive towards producing a much more sustainable lifestyle for the producers and offering high grade coffee for the people of Belfast. This was cemented by our logo & Whitestar’s being printed on each jute bag of raw El Carmen beans.

We’ve loved working with both Whitestar & Raw Materials to bring this coffee to the island of Ireland and our four locations are currently the only shops that offer this sensational lot.

Green Importer - Raw Materials
Producer Partner - Red Associations, El Carmen Region- Pitalito, Hulia
Variety - Caturra / Castillo
Altitude - 1400 / 2100 MASL
Process - Washed
Notes - Honey / Milk Chocolate / Pear