Coffee Alarm Clock - Barisieur

Coffee Alarm Clock - Barisieur

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Sleek and sophisticated, the Barisieur coffee and tea alarm clock takes state-of-the-art design to a new level. Featuring stainless steel components and glassware that sit on a walnut timber tray. An induction coil is used to boil the water efficiently and safely in the glass boiling vessel.

Based in London, Barisieur is the result of a humbling success story - that of coffee connoisseur and design enthusiast Josh Renouf. Combining ingenious engineering and two of our morning must haves (an alarm clock and consequently a cup of coffee, what else?), the brand strikes gold with its beautiful, state-of-the-art ode to craftsmanship.

• Product Weight: 4.5 kg (9.56 pounds) • US: 110V – 127V, UK: 220V – 240V • Cup included • Dishwasher safe • Ground coffee (suggest a fine grain for the filter type) • Works with filter and espresso coffee. • Boiling time of 3-4 minutes. • Milk vessel cools over night to keep milk fresh (5-8 degrees C) • If milk is not present - cooler does not engage due to infrared sensor detection. • Can set the timer to brew or brew on demand by clicking ‘Make’ button. • Made in England