Grass Roots Wet Mill, Papua New Guinea 350g

Grass Roots Wet Mill, Papua New Guinea 350g

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Name - Grass Roots Wet Mill, Papua New Guinea

Region - Western Highlands Province

Process - Natural

Varietal - Typica, Arusha, Bourbon

Tasting Notes - Strawberry Laces & Dark Chocolate.

Bag Size 350g

About this coffee

 The Western Highlands Province is the highest producing coffee region in Papua New Guinea. The volcanic soil in this area is very fertile, making it one of the biggest coffee cherry suppliers in the country.

Paul Pora, owner of the Grass Roots wet mill is not a typical coffee producer. With a degree in Agriculture, as well as Agricultural Breeding and working within the Coffee Research Institute of PNG. His knowledge & background in the industry is reflected in his management of the wet mill and the quality of coffee he has produced.

After selecting only red cherries from surrounding farmers, his team are able to select only fully-ripe cherries, much like the big estates are able to do.

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