Coffee for Home - Option A

Coffee for Home - Option A

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A true staple to any home - Our 'A' option is designed for the everyday cup, a reliable flavour profile that eases you into the day ahead. Perfect for any espresso based drink or even a batch filter.

Our coffee offering rotates seasonally and despite having some wonderful coffee's on the bar, there is only ever a limited supply of each.

Each espresso bag is 350g, whole bean. Roasted in Belfast and available UK wide.

Our current espresso is...

Bugoye, Uganda
Process - Washed
Varietal - SL14 // SL28 // Catimor

Tasting Notes - Black Tea // Honey // Blackcurrants

Disclaimer -
As our coffee is roasted fresh each, depending on our stock levels, shipment may take place a couple days after the purchase in line with the next available roast date. 

Please note that these roast days are Monday & Wednesday each week.

If you have any issues with your order, please contact with your order ref in the subject title. We will rectify any issues as quickly as possible.