Nariño, Colombia 350g

Nariño, Colombia 350g

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Name - Nariño, Colombia

Region - Volcanic Highlands

Process - Washed

Varietal - Mixed

Altitude - 1800+ masl

Tasting Notes - Peach, Nectarine, Cane Sugar.

Bag Size 350g

About this coffee

Located southwest of Colombia, a strikingly mountainous area that boasts 5 volcanoes. The Galeras volcano is fairly active in the area with the last eruption taking place in 2013. It sits looming over the main city of Pasto & coffee grown on all the surrounding hillsides have benefitted from rich soil which has been built up with volcanic compounds over time.

Nariño is grown at altitudes that reach 2300m, some of the highest altitudes coffee is grown at in the world! Nariño benefits from the micro regions that operate within the department. The different regions have all developed their own unique flavour profiles according to their own micro-climatic conditions.

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