White Star Coffee - Mutana 66, Burundi Filter
White Star Coffee - Mutana 66, Burundi Filter

White Star Coffee - Mutana 66, Burundi Filter

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This coffee comes as whole bean as standard. If you would like it ground for a particular brewing method, please select this from the drop down menu above.

Immersion - Cafetiere, Clever Dripper
Drip - V60, Kalita

Yellow Nectarine, Plum & Pomelo

Variety - Red Bourbon
Altitude - 2100 MASL
Process - Washed

Burundi is a tiny country in the heart of Africa and extends almost 30 miles in one direction and about 30 miles the other way. The land is mountainous and the characteristic hills roll, resembling a beautiful quilt. With the exception of a few national parks, each square meter of land is in use. Burundi shares a border with the Democratic Republic of Congo along the Tanganyika lake in the west, Tanzania is neighbour east and to the south, Rwanda borders north. Once upon a time, all this was one kingdom. These days, the countries represent the “new” promising coffee countries in East Africa.

The Long Miles Coffee Project (LMCP) was started by Ben & Christy Carlson whose goal was to facilitate relationships coffee producers and roasters. This ambition began to be realized through the founding of their first washing station, Bukeye, located in the northern Kayanza province, in 2013. CCS has been buying Long Miles coffee since Bukeye’s inaugural year.

What keeps LMCP flourishing, in a country filled with turmoil and almost daily new challenges, is the team’s unwavering dedication to its partnering farmers. At the forefront of this team’s vision is always the dual-ambition of finding ways to increase their farmer partners’ production capacity (in turn elevating living standards), along with increasing coffee quality through investing in new processing technology and experimenting/tweaking their coffee processing techniques.

Information taken from whitestar.coffee